Who We Are

As a multibillion-dollar transnational conglomerate, Appcorp Global commands a prominent presence in 14 countries across four continents. As a testament to the entrepreneurial vision and unwavering commitment to excellence of our founder, Nilesh Ved, we continue to exceed consumer expectations in various industries. At Appcorp Global, we’re more than a conglomerate; we’re a catalyst for innovation and progress in the global business landscape.

Global coverage of 14 countries & 4 continents

Our Portfolio

Leading the forefront of our diverse portfolio is Apparel Group, a globally recognized name in the retail industry. This flagship enterprise encompasses a network of more than 2200 stores worldwide, carrying over 85 distinct brands. Included under the Apparel Group’s umbrella are esteemed fashion, footwear, and lifestyle labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Skechers, LC Waikiki, Charles & Keith, Levi’s, Birkenstock, TOMS, Forest Essentials, and more.


Alongside our physical retail operations, we extend our reach through Club Apparel, our innovative loyalty program, and an array of e-commerce platforms such NYSAA, Dune London, F5, 6thStreet, ALDO, Crocs, Tommy Hilfiger, Rituals, R&B, and Call it Spring. This digital presence enhances our connection with consumers across the globe, ensuring that we cater to the ever-evolving shopping habits of our diverse clientele.


Apparel Group also holds a strong foothold in the food and beverage sector with a portfolio of widely acclaimed brands such as Tim Hortons, Cold Stone, Molten Chocolate Café, Jamie’s Italian, Jamie’s Italian Pizzeria, Sushi Library, NYC Pizza, and Project Chaiwala.

Further expanding our horizons, we’ve ventured into the real estate sector with Indus Real Estate LLC and into design and architecture with Shopfit Interiors. Konnect Logistics and SpeedEx represent our inroads into the logistics and production sectors, respectively.


We’ve marked our territory in healthcare with the Harley International Medical Clinic and in financial services through LM Exchange. Train Fitness & Strength signifies our commitment to the fitness industry. Our entertainment footprint includes Skyzone, and Grand Centrale, our shopping mall, which reflects our dedication to exceptional consumer experiences.


At Appcorp Global, our diverse portfolio is a testament to our dedication, global reach, and commitment to excellence.

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